Business Emotional Intelligence

What is the reason why people are not buying from you?

  1. Are your customers complaining that your product is too costly?
  2. Do you think you are not targeting the right audience?
  3. Do you think it is because you don’t know how to run ads or communicate
  4. Do you think your customers don’t trust you enough which is why they are not buying?
  5. Do you think there are too many competitors?

There are a lot more reasons. Do this quick mental test; think about your business in 30seconds and come up with the reason why you are not selling as you expect.

6 professionals in the business field explained in details the WAYS YOU CAN POSITION YOUR BRAND TO SELL MORE. Little things count and funny enough, they are proven to be the most important.

On Tumihub, we started something lately. We were intentional about giving professional response to any enquire and guess what?


1,100.00 5,000.00

There is truly a psychology behind sales. It is more than just targeting customers – you need the intelligence. Well, this time, it is not the value of your product. Some people are not doing something up to your standard and they are selling constantly.

Sales needs your emotional intelligence

You will be amazed to see what you are doing wrong in your business. You may think it is just a small thing but it will surprise you when you discover that it is the major issue killing your business. I JUST HOPE THAT IT WILL NOT BE TOO LATE BEFORE YOU GET THIS.

Didn’t you know that business dies if they starve too much?

When there are no enough sales, the business will starve to death. I am recommending this book to you.

Take action!

Table of content 

  1. Developing a unique personality (Branding/brand image) by Gideon Bamisaye
  2. First impression by John Igbinosa
  3. Knowing your customer by Stella Esene
  4. Building regular customers by Emmanuel Abolo
  5. Business proposal writing by Oni Olayiwola
  6. Pitching value instead of price by Ibrahim Ayobami Balogun

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