Creating effective plan

If you have ever made plans, set goals, or write a new year resolution but you couldn’t achieve it, this is for you. Create time for what is important to you and see it come to reality when you make effective plans.

We set goals with emotions. And emotions don’t always last long.
Do you know how a romantic relationship feeling fades away with time, if you set goals sporadically, it will fade away?

The goal of this course is to always see that your plans and dreams come to fruition!

This is the best investment you will give yourself

Because you learn this one time and use it for a lifetime.

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In this course

There are two modules and 8 lessons in total and it is in video format.

  • Lesson 1: Discover your Pain Point

In Lesson 1, you will be able to take a tour of your life and come up with visions and goals that are important to you.

Most of us focus on the wrong things and set the wrong goals. This is one of the reasons things aren’t working well. This lesson will take you through a rigorous process to help you understand what truly matters to you.

  • Lesson 2: Converting your Pain Points into a Vision

In lesson 2, you will learn everything you need to know about vision and why it is important. You will also learn how to make your vision a movement so that people will be willing to join you to achieve it just as Tumihub has been doing it for five years.

You will be able to convert all your pain points into precise visions.

  • Lesson 3: Resources needed & How to achieve them.

This lesson will guide you to come up with all the resources and steps you will need to take to achieve your vision.

If you have a plan on how to get to your dream and that plan is reasonable, you are on your way to achieving that dream. No cap.

  • Lesson 4: Creating a calendar

In this lesson, you will learn how to spread your vision to span for a year or more so that you take it bit by bit until you get to the last point. You will be able to create a calendar using a typical case study from Tumihub.

You will get two case studies to use as an example. We have used these two case studies and it was successful. So you can just model it.

  • Lesson 5: implementing the 80/20 rule

This is where you sort out the most important activities and separate them from others. With this lesson, you will be able to locate the most important activities you need to do for you to get the best result out of your vision

So many times, we are bombarded with a lot of things to do and this discourages us from taking steps. But with this lesson, you will bring out the most important activities and do them first. If you achieve these tasks, you must have completed at least 60% of your plan.

This will in turn encourage you to do the rest.

  • Lesson 6: Drafting your daily plan

This is where you convert your activities to routine. You know how brushing your teeth every day has become a routine, your plans will come out this way too with this lesson.

This lesson will help convert your plans into a daily routine

  • Lesson 7: Create a ‘Me Time’

This is one of my best lessons because it rescued me when schooling and also in my job when it almost steal all my time. It helped me graduate as the best student in my department. It also helped me easily run my businesses as an employee in the construction industry.

With this lesson. You will stop giving the excuse of being too busy. You will be able to create quality time out of no time to work on your plans

  • Lesson 8: Create a reminder strategy

Having this strategy doesn’t make your plans autocratically successful. It doesn’t take the frustration away. You still have to work.

So having a strategy to keep you on track is one berthing to get.

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