Result Oriented Mentorship

Break OFF! Stop jumping from frying pan to FIRE

This 120days mentorship will stabilize YOU!!!

I love stories. So I will start with one and you will love it.

Here is one thing about me that took me so long before I could break free from it

Anytime I see someone who does something so well, I automatically like that thing – not necessarily the person.


I begin to dream about how to be as good as that person in it.

For Instance

The moment I hear someone who sings so well, let’s say in a reality music show like The Voice, I will start dreaming of becoming a musician. I remember dreaming to have a studio in my room.

I kept dreaming to become a musician until I see another person doing something else…

Just like the other day, I read about a girl named Joy who is making millions of money as an affiliate marketer and is just 20years old.

I check what she is doing to make money, I suddenly realize it is something I can do. “This is so easy. There is no big deal here” I said to myself.

Again, I started pursuing this.

But it took me 5 months to make my first sale as an affiliate marketer. Yet, I didn’t bother.

Do you know why? See what I said to myself

“NOW, I have opened the door and I am in. The first sale is always the hardest”

So, I grind harder

Yet, it took me another 5weeks and 6days to make another sale. This time, I wasn’t so happy and optimistic.

“Is this what I will bet my life on?” I asked myself

While thinking about this question, I got curious about how that small girl is doing it. ‘what is so special

So I started stalking her and others who always brag about their income every week.


One of them was ready to mentor me. I bought his course and joined his group. While I’m starving, this big wolf is squeezing the little I have out of me but I am ready for it. I must make this money.

But my expectation was shattered! I couldn’t make sales still. I got tired

There is one string of hope left in me. And that was because, from the class, I detected the secrets of these big wolves.

They are very good writers. They have good storytelling skills. They know how to get your emotions. They know how to convince people to buy.

Guess what I did?

I stopped everything and focus on learning how to write. I started developing a love for writing.

Soon enough, I got to know that I could make money as a blogger.

So, I bought a domain name and hosting plan and started writing articles. Again, another wolf just squeeze the little I have out of me but WE MOOOVE

I published a lot of articles. But after four months, I couldn’t even get 200people to read my article.

“How the h*ll am I going to monetize this website?”

This was a very hard-to-chew question for me.

Later, I jumped on Upwork and Fiver to look for writing gigs as a freelance writer. No job was forthcoming.

So, I bumped on how you can make money as a social media manager and influencer. As usual, I jumped on it and started building my following but it wasn’t working as expected. Nobody is commenting or liking my posts.


“Can I be a copywriter?” At least I can help business owners attract buyers since I have also sold before and I understand how hard this could be. So I created my portfolio and changed the ‘About Me’ on all my social media accounts

You need to see it but don’t laugh at me. Read this!

Check out My Bio on social media
Hi guys. In my 26years on earth, I have done several things to make a living. I have been an affiliate marketer for 3years and I made a lot of money from it. I own a blog with a lot of readers. I am also a freelance writer on Fiver and Upwork and I have been doing that for 2years.
I am willing to use all these skills together with my copywriting skill to help your business grow from 4 digits business to a 7digits business.
I have a limited slot for the year. I am available to write copies that will help your business in real-time.


That is the story of a typical hustler in Africa. Yes or Yes?
I am this…
I am that…

My dear reader,

My question is
Are you? Really?

Check your pocket and answer my question again
Are you? REALLY?

Ok! Wait!

I know it is not about the money in one’s pocket. It is about my progress!

But can you truly say that you are proud of your journey so far?

If you can boldly say yes, then you should be a part of a community of like-minds like you who are truly walking towards the future of their dream. There is a space for you!

Slide Left

But if your answer is a big NO, you should READ ON
Here is why

Imagine if you can take a 120days off to a place where there is no distraction. To a place where your mind is at peace. To a place where you are given everything, you needed to start your life again. To a place where you are equipped with every material that will guide you to finally discover, learn add build a career you will do for the rest of your life.

After that 120days, you will come out a changed person with FOCUS AND DIRECTION;

  • With a reason to live life to the fullest
  • With the boldness and strategy to grow wealth
  • With the resources to live happily
  • With a career to grow

Will you go for it, If it is very sure you will get all these?


Think of what it will look like to be in a community of people like you who have tried several things that don’t work and are truly CONFUSED, FRUSTRATED, AND TIRED of jumping on different things just to make money. Yet, they are still hungry to find a way that leads to success.

Now, if these your new friends together with you get a step-by-step guide on how to discover one thing (e.g skill) to focus on, the resources to learn that thing, and the exposure to grow your VISIBILITY on it, won’t this be the best thing that happened to you this year?

I am DAMN sure it will. Because…

  • It will give you the Push you need to persist
  • It will give you the Support you need to pursue
  • It will give you the Motivation you need to endure
  • It will give you the Compassion you need to see life positively
  • It will give you the Solace you need to work best
  • It will give you the Exposure you need to innovate
  • It will give you the Voice you need to compete
  • It will give you the Collaboration you need to multiply
  • It will give you the Love you need to feel among
  • It will give you the Accountability you need to grow
Truth be told

It is not easy to build anything, help anyone; or have a positive view of life if you cannot meet basic needs. If you cannot CONSISTENTLY get a conducive shelter, three square meals, and some other basic needs, it will be difficult to FOCUS!

You will just be desperate to make money BECAUSE you need money for yourself.

In Lagos today, you have to buy everything. You will buy water, pay for the electricity you didn’t use, and pay for sweeping your compound. You will always need money.

So it is always hard to focus. It really is

But don’t scold yourself too much. That’s the reality.

YOU NEED MENTORSHIP! And that is what this is about.

See what others are saying

Here is what you will get



Some of us held on to the wrong things and it is the major cause of our setback or stagnancy.

This ranges from not knowing the career meant for us, to fear of how to do what is important.

This section takes you deep into overcoming this. It first takes you through a mindset and habit shift. It is more like putting my hands into your head to bring out every software there. Then we begin to update those outdated ones and also delete the ones not needed.

  • There is a one-on-one career clarity session. This is likely 2hours or more. This will help you evaluate your current career path. It is a therapeutic process you will enjoy. In the end, it will help you come out with decisions on the career path you will be ready to try out.
  • There are 15 episodes of lessons that will renew your mind and prepare you for the new journey you are about to start.

A lady messaged me one day to tell me that she was scared to do an assignment because she didn’t know what people will say. That was when I realize that the problem is her mindset. This is why a mindset shift is very important. You need exposure to the right thing.

  • You will also get one free ebook from our website for free. Again, you will get a 20% discount to get any other two you need. Cool right?
  • Also, there are several podcasts, movies, and business histories prepared for you.

At the end of this section, you will come out a wo/man with a new mindset and a career to pursue.

And this is just 20% of this mentorship


  Capacity building

Now that you have a career to pursue, this section is to help you build that career! Amazing right?

  • The first course in this section will take you through how to create a 1year plan effectively. This 8videos course will give you all the steps proven to create the plans effectively. It will teach you how to create time for this career even if you are a student or you have a tasking job.
  • There is another course that will teach you how to build your career from nothing to the Ronaldo of your field. This 7episodes podcast will take you through how to start, what to do to register your name as an authority, and how to get a seat at the top
  • The last part of this section is implementation. You will get to work and implement everything you learned and we will be ready to give you the support you need.

At the end o this section, you will come out with so much to offer the world and with the courage to launch out.

With this section, you have just concluded 60% of this mentorship

Community session

This journey is very lonely.

When you are building, you won’t get to see friends or lovers around to help you. So it is very lonely but when you get into a community of like-minds like you, it will be fun.

  • There will be a series of live sessions where everyone debates certain issues, criticize, review, and share what they find difficult.
  • There will be masterclasses where you learn certain skills like public speaking, content creation, social media management, etc. that will help you on your journey.
  • There will be special guests who will come to teach us, share their stories, and give any support they can
  • You will get an accountability partner that will always look out for you. And also a subgroup of between 5 – 8 members. The subgroup will work as a team for small projects in the community.
What it takes to be a member

Ideally, #110,000 naira should be the minimum because

The career clarity course on its own is worth more # than 30,000
The capacity building is worth more than #42,000
Then the masterclasses will shoot above #38,000

Not to talk of the team that will be taking you through mentorship. Ifeoluwa, is a digital marketer, an affiliate marketer and he charges nothing less than #20,000 for his mentorship alone; Damola is a public speaker and she has her courses. Mikelomaa is a content creator and you can’t get his mentorship less than #50,000 and others on the team.

I remember paying #5,000 for a one-hour course but for this 120days mentorship, you are not paying #50,000

In fact, it is not #20,000

It will go for #10,000 only.

That’s not all. Don’t pay yet

Out of the generosity of Tumihub, you can pay #6,500 if you will pay on or before 72hours from now.


We are admitting a limited number of people for every batch. If you pay after we have reached the limit, we will refund his/her money.


If after the 120days journey, you feel you wasted your time and money, just tell us, and we promise to refund you with a 10% ‘we-are-sorry’ fee. This means that you will get 110% of your money instead of 100% if you go through the activities of the batch and couldn’t get something out of it.

If you have any issues after payment, send a message to +2348029424558 on WhatsApp.

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