Tumi Best Ink

We promise to create value-added and 'plagiarism-free' writing services.

Content is King; Context is Queen! It is our job to marry the two and make sure you get value for your money.

Our core values

  • Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Timely 
  • Cost friendly
  • Plagiarism free

 Our Services

  1. Ghostwriting
  2. Article writing
  3. Academic writing
  4. Web content
  5. Technical writing
  6. Copywriting
  7. SEO writing 
  8. Content rẹpurposing 
  9. Social media content
  10. Cornerstone Page content

Why do you need a blog?

84% of internet users make buying decisions from what they found on blogs. – Research Now

A blog is better at influencing purchasing decisions than Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube forums, and online magazines

If you own a website and social media pages, we have something exciting for you

Feed your prospects with more valuable content without having to create content all the time.

Here is how!

Do you know that one article can birth at least 12 social media posts?

With our content rẹpurposing service, we can bring out at least 12 social media posts from one article.

What is ‘Tumi Best Ink’ about?

“Tumi best Ink” is a writing community of consistent writers who are constantly being trained and tested to be at their best. 

We have trained over 190 youths and there are more in the pipeline ready to use this skill.

As a writing community, we work together to help one another become better every day. 

Every article goes through the criticism of the community members to make it come out better. 

We thoroughly check out for plagiarism and ensure that the ‘piece’ is rich in value and is industry standard.

You can also send us a mail: 

Services@tumihub.com or asktumihub@gmail.com

How to become a member of the community

If you know nothing about writing and you wish to, we have training that will help you become a certified writer in a short time. 

But if you are already a writer and you wish to join our writing community, we will be glad to welcome you. Contact us to see the requirements.