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If you think writing is difficult, then you need to see this.

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Over 190 students have passed through this challenge and some of them are already getting writing gigs in real-time. See for yourself

Writing is not hard. It just requires your dedication. Every human ought to know how to write very well. There are days you will need to prepare a speech or a proposal. There are times you will need to address staff.

Aside from that, your social media alone is enough reason why you need to learn writing. I have seen celebrities who pay ghostwriters to create captions for their Instagram posts.

Personal branding is becoming very important. I have seen people who make it big because of their writing skills. Go on LinkedIn, you will see why you need to learn how to write well today. You shouldn’t even wait till tomorrow.

Emmanuel Nduka uses his writing skill to become a mentee of Tony Elumelu, the owner of United Bank of Africa UBA. Today, he is getting a lot of speaking engagements, and brand ambassadorship and he is still a student.

As a business owner, your writing skill is an asset. It will help you in a lot of ways. You will be able to provide value for your intending customers so much that they will become emotionally attached to your brand. We build Tumihub to 10,000 community members with writing. Some of them are willing to work for free with us.

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If you have been writing, you can learn the standard format from this training. We have seen writers who attended this training and ended up doing better.


We don’t just you how to write. As we teach, you get to write in real time and we review it on the spot. After that, we publish your article on our blog. Before the end of the 30days, you must have written at least 3 articles

Aside from that, if you follow through to the end of the challenge, we have a community of writers. You need to be in this community because the members will support you. When you write, you are free to post on the group. Other writers will review it and help make your article better. We have seen people who put in for a writing competition, send it to the group for reviews before they get it across for the competition.

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The best part of this challenge is that we are creating a writing agency. Tumihub will take it upon herself to source writing gigs from tech companies and other brands that need it. We will write proposals and when anyone works out, the jobs will be given to the community members.

Isn’t this amazing?

Here is what you will learn

  • You will learn how to write articles not less than 900words effortlessly. This is very important because that is the standard.
  • You will learn about all the elements of writing a good article which include storytelling, statistics, hooks, headline, and so on. With these elements, readers will not have any option but to read your article to the end
  • You will learn about SEO, keyword, and the tools you will need for your research.
  • You will learn how to model a great article instead of plagiarism it. In other words, you will be able to write an article on anything. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about it.
  • You will learn how to come up with at least 78 article titles from just one keyword. With this, you can write as much as possible on a keyword.
  • You will learn how to format your article very well. This will make your article easy to read and it will encourage your readers.
  • You will learn where to get copyright-free images and how best to use them to your advantage.
  • You will learn about hyperlinks and how best to use them
  • You will get two free courses that will further help you on your writing journey.
  • Several ebooks will guide you on how to create captivating headlines. You will get them in this class.

What does it take to be a part of this

This class is worth more than #20,000

Early this year, I bought a writing course worth #10,000

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In fact, it is not #5000

It is a little below half of that. It goes for #2235 only
It is #1500 normally but to get a certificate, you need to pay #735. But please note that you can only get a certificate after you successfully do all the necessary assignments.

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With #2235, you will be getting access to this challenge. A skill you will use for life.

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